Huh? Why do I need an alarm to stand up?

It’s easy to sit still too long — working at your computer, talking on the phone.  All you really need to be healthier is a gentle reminder to move occasionally.  Stand Alarm is an elegant solution.  It has been carefully designed to nudge you to stand up without taking too much of your attention, and has an automatic snooze feature in case you’re not ready.

So why do I need Stand Alarm?  Can’t I just use my computer or a timer?

You certainly can if that works.  I wrote Stand Alarm because they didn’t quite work for me.  I found that if I wasn’t ready to stand exactly when the timer went off or if I missed it, then I would end up sitting for too long.  What I wanted was something that bugged me on a schedule, but if I wanted to ignore it temporarily I could do so safely knowing that it would repeat a short time later.  Sort of like a built in snooze.  This combination of features will help you establish a healthy habit of standing without distracting you too much from concentrating on your work.

Do I need to keep the app open for it to work?

No.  Stand Alarm schedules notifications so that you can close the app once you’ve started the timer.

How often should I stand up?

This is really up to your personal preference.  You can check some of the links on our Articles page for some suggestions.  With Stand Alarm you can schedule an interval from 10 to 60 minutes.

Do I need to sign up for something or create an account?

No.  Stand Alarm runs entirely on your iPhone or iPod Touch.  There is no login or server component so it will work even when you are offline.

Just standing up feels weird.  Do you have any suggestions?

Yes!  Keep a small glass on your desk and take a short walk to the water cooler to fill it up.   You’ll stay hydrated and get a little activity.  Even better – walk to a water cooler on another floor of your building.


If you have any questions about Stand Alarm please drop us an email at: standAlarm@gmail.com